29. January 2018
Simon's latest audio adventure takes him to Mars, where you get to meet the incredible Mars rover Curiosity. This hard working robot has been sending back invaluable scientific data and photos since 2012. NASA only expected it to last two years maximum in the harsh Mars environment, but as of January 2018, it's still going strong. Not a bad effort on a planet famous for having no atmosphere to speak of, huge amounts of radiation, plenty of serious dust storms and mostly freezing conditions.
04. October 2016
My meditation experience. I've tried a few different types of meditation over the years, Transcendental Meditation and The Silva Method Of Mind Control to name a couple. I tried guided meditations, meditations where I focus on my breathing, meditations where I try not to think of anything at all, and meditations where I do visualizations. For the most part I enjoyed them all although visualizing is my favourite. (Not visualizing to manifest stuff, just because I enjoy the process) Like most...

About Us

A Mindful Frog creates Audio-Only adventures to help children become more mindful everyday.

There is a new Mindful Frog Audio Adventure released every few weeks and runs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, absolutely free. 

The idea is to encourage children to constantly notice things around them using all of their senses. 

Research from Harvard shows this to be the fastest route to Mindfulness, and for kids,  the most fun.

A Mindful Frog