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Audio Adventures!

"A Mindful Frog Audio Adventures" are  15 - 20 minute audio journeys with Simon, an Australian green tree frog.

He takes children on these adventures in their own imaginations where they use all 5 senses to become more mindful.

During the adventures Simon encourages the children to be Detail Detectives like him by noticing everything around them.

Every episode is full of  sound effects and music!  

Listen in the car on the way to school, as a bedtime story or anywhere in between.

There's always a new audio adventure on the way, and if you sign up for Simon's newsletter, you'll know as soon as it's released!

How to listen to Simon's Show.

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About Us

A Mindful Frog creates Audio-Only adventures to help children become more mindful everyday.

There is a new Mindful Frog Audio Adventure released every few weeks and runs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, absolutely free. 

The idea is to encourage children to constantly notice things around them using all of their senses. 

Research from Harvard shows this to be the fastest route to Mindfulness, and for kids,  the most fun.

A Mindful Frog