About the Mindful Frog Adventures

The Mindful Frog adventures are audio-only recordings to help children ages 4-7 become more mindful every day.

The idea is to encourage them to constantly notice things around them in the world using all of their five senses.

During these adventures, Simon  guides them to look, feel, taste, listen or even smell, all in their imagination.

They are full of fascinating facts, music, atmospheric sound effects and jokes.


Years of research by Ellen Langer Ph.D., a professor at Harvard University , (known to many in the field as the "Mother of Mindfulness"), shows that noticing things, particularly new things, is the fastest route to mindfulness.

If you want to "be in the moment", just pay attention and deliberately notice things. It really is Instant Mindfulness.


The best thing about the Mindful Frog adventures is that you can use them anywhere, anytime. They're a relaxing way to spend time in the car on the way to school. Teachers can use them in the classroom, and they'll work as a bedtime story too!

The added benefit is that your kids won't be looking at a screen while they listen.  They can close their eyes and get some "Imagination Training".


Every few weeks, a new Mindful Frog podcast is released. They run anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, and are absolutely free.

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The Mindful Team



Simon's job is to be as mindful as possible, and to show children how to be a Detail Detective just like he is.

He is also in charge of finding excellent new adventures to go on.


He loves his job.

Neil's job is to help Simon do his job.

He does this by writing and producing the Adventures, and any other projects Simon might come up with in the future. (Stay tuned!)


He loves his job too.


About Us

A Mindful Frog creates Audio-Only adventures to help children become more mindful everyday.

There is a new Mindful Frog Audio Adventure released every few weeks and runs anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, absolutely free. 

The idea is to encourage children to constantly notice things around them using all of their senses. 

Research from Harvard shows this to be the fastest route to Mindfulness, and for kids,  the most fun.

A Mindful Frog