A Mindful Frog explained in 90 seconds!

No Animation. Just Imagination.

 No Screens Required!


Mindful Frog adventures are "Audio Only Recordings" 

As soon as your child starts listening to a Mindful Frog adventure, they'll be off on a journey in their mind, where they'll imagine how things feel, look, taste, sound or even smell. Their guide is Simon, an Australian green tree frog.

Imagination training for Children

A journey in their mind

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The Latest Mindful Frog Audio Adventures are always free!

Yes, the latest episode of A Mindful Frog Audio Adventures is always free to enjoy.


You can listen to it right here, right now, or download it for later.

Mindful Frog Audio Adventures Free!


You can find every available episode of A Mindful Frog on this page.

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About Us

A Mindful Frog creates Audio-Only adventures to help children become more mindful everyday.

There is a new Mindful Frog Audio Adventure released every few weeks and runs anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, absolutely free. 

The idea is to encourage children to constantly notice things around them using all of their senses. 

Research from Harvard shows this to be the fastest route to Mindfulness, and for kids,  the most fun.

A Mindful Frog